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Working with Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Increasingly, society is ready to acknowledge that many adults in our midst have been damaged by sexual abuse.  Despite this, we do not always understand what sexual abuse is, or know how we can best help those who have been so deeply hurt.

NEXUS has over 25 years experience providing therapeutic intervention care and support to those suffering as a result of recent or historic sexual violence.

This workshop is for those who work with or have an interest in working with Adult Survivors of sexual abuse.  In particular it is for counsellors, student counsellors, health and social care workers.  Participants will gain insight into the client’s perspective and develop an increased confidence in their ability to work with survivors in a supportive / empathic manner and thus play an important part in a person’s journey from ‘victim’ to ‘survivor’.

Areas covered in the workshop

  • Child sexual abuse – definition and types of abuse
  • The effects of abuse
  • The impact of abuse into adulthood
  • From victim to survivor
  • Questions survivors struggle with

Workshop Details

  • Interactive one day workshop
  • Handout material will be provided
  • Limited in size to enhance learning and accessibility
  • Cost £45 including certification & tea/coffee

Times 10.00 – 3.30

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